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Flat-panel LCD TVs are so appealing due to their shallow depth and reasonably light weight. If you can't mount yours on a wall, ERARD™ STANDiT™ No-Drill Wall Mount is perfect for you

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Q: How do I select the right wall mount for my TV?

Most TV models have a standard-spacing mounting holes at the back of the TV called VESA. Check the TV owner manual to verify that your TV has the standard mounting holes which are compatible with a number of different TV mounts. Check to make sure that your TV is within the bracket’s recommended range for screen size and weight. If you can’t locate that information in the owner manual, you can measure the distance between the mounting holes on the back of your TV and compare it the mount specifications. It’s very important to choose a bracket that is designed to support your TV’s weight and size.

Q: What is VESA and How Do I Measure My TV’s VESA Standard?

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association. VESA is an organization comprised of a group of video electronics industry professionals. The purpose of the organization is to review proposals and develop standards to promote uniformity within the video electronics industry.

Q. What are the benefits of mounting my TV?

1. More space

  • 1. In rooms with limited floor or wall space, a TV mount can create more free space.
  • 2. It enables you to have less furniture in your viewing area.
  • 3. Make the most of your wall space by utilizing the space above a fireplace in a living room or perhaps above a dresser in a bedroom.

2. Safety: Reduce the risk of your flat-panel LCD or plasma TV from being damaged. Damaged flat screen TV pixels can be difficult to repair. Placing your TV in low, high traffic areas may result in damage from the screen being touched or hit by an object.

3. Deter theft: A thief will more easily steal a free standing TV than a TV hanging on a wall.

4. Children: Keep your TV out of the reach of your children or visiting children. No more worrying about an input change, button being pushed, or an inquisitive child climbing on an entertainment center.

5. Viewing Angle: View your TV from different angles without any reduction in picture quality.

Q: What kind of warranty do you offer?

A lifetime warranty. Some companies make no warranty of any kind except for the TV mount to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the user’s date of purchase.
We offer a life time warranty on our wall mounts.

Q: How do I install a STANDIT™ TV stand?

View our manual here: 

Q: How do I hide the cables?

STANDiT™ No Drill Wall Mount has a hidden track in the back of the stand to hide your cables.

Q: Where will my Cable/Tivo Mini box go?

A: Unfortunately there is no way to put a Set Top box with the STANDiT™.
What people usually do, is put a small piece of furniture in front of it to put their DVD and set top boxes.
You can see it in action here at the end of this short video: 

Q: Is there an option so that the TV can tilt and swiveling?

No, unfortunately the stand does not allow for tilting or turning of the TV.

Q: Will the STANDIT™ 600 work with a 65" Samsung LED?

The only time we have doubts are when it is a touch screen TV which are actually thicker and heavier than a regular TV.

Q: How do you secure the bracket onto the TV? Do you make holes on the TV set?

All STANDiTs come with hardware to secure the bracket to the TV and are VESA compliant. Modern flat screen TVs have a standard placement of mounting holes on them. The STANDiT™ 600 fits TVs with VESA holes from 200 up to 600. You can see more detail in the user manual link listed under the technical details of this product or see the pdf here

VESA mounting holes explanation:

Q: My new TV weighs 103.1 lbs. Will the STANDiT™ 600 work for me?

We think it should be able to withstand the extra 4lbs, however we can only claim it holds 99lbs. You have 2 options: Use the provided security strap (only uses 1 small hole. You can view the strap instructions here:
Your other option is to go a size up to the STANDiT™ PRO which can hold up to 143lbs.

Q: Will this work with the 2017 LG OLEDS?

LG OLED Flat screens will work perfectly with STANDiTs. However if you have a CURVED OLED, please see below about curved screens.


Q: Will the STANDiT™ work with a curved screen?

To provide the assembly for curved screens from the column on our STANDiTs, you need to integrate the KIT CURVE+  for curved TV.

Actually in the new range of the TV OLED LG, the sound bar integrated in the TV cannot be laid on the column of the STANDiTs. The “Hanger” of the product cannot be installed.

However, the KIT CURVE+  for curved TV is composed of x8 spacers (Thickness of the plastic spacer = 16 mm), and one fastening screw bag.

The KIT CURVE+  for curved TV allows to compensate the gap between the back cover of the TV and the sound bar. You have just to put between the HANGER and the TV some spacers (Number of spacers must to be defined with regard to the gap necessary) to ward off the back cover of the TV and be able to clip the “HANGER” in the “MUSHROOM” of the STANDiT™.

Q: Will the stand support a sound bar mounted to the bottom of the TV?

Yes, they will support a sound bar that is affixed securely to the television.


Q: Is the STANDiT™ easy to assemble and set up?

Very easy! Check out this 1 minute video showing the easy STANDiT™ assembly process


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