ERARD, the company

ERARD is a French designer and manufacturer of AV mounts and furniture. Founded in 1961, the company has a 172,000 square foot factory in the Lyon region in France. ERARD is known for its ability to bring innovation to the market.


Imagining new uses

Imagining furniture on which you can place your TV, preferring a system to hang it, finding new solutions, anticipating your questions and come up with answers...

Dream of revolutionary wall mounts and produce them, think up ways to hide cables, look for locations for kids’ consoles, and invent a connection system reachable without contorting...

That’s the thinking that drives ERARD, a specialist of TV furniture and accessories, since 1961.

A major player both in consumer and commercial audiovisual sectors, ERARD’s R&D focuses on user-friendliness and so, a half-century after its creation, continues to develop, manufacture and commercialize furniture, floor stands and wall mounts, that can accept any type of high-tech device (boxes, mobile devices, TVs, peripherals,…).

An innovation capability aimed at offering the most comprehensive integration products on the market, for inside and outside applications. As ERARD is also the leading French manufacturer of mounting hardware for antennas and satellite dishes.

Global know-how, from roof to living room, and connections to peripherals now all under one brand: ERARD™

Making History

Remember the early 60s...? The arrival of cathode-tube television overturned French habits and Henri Erard was among the first to develop furniture specially designed for TVs. In 1961 he launched his first range of furniture under the ERARD brand. And what had he created? A wooden table and a drinks cabinet.

In 1973, ERARD launched the first universal metal TV floor stand along with a TV ad with a catchy slogan: "ERARD, c’est le pied !" (ERARD is THE stand!, somewhat lost in translation).

Due to technological advances ERARD gradually adapted its collections and in 1985 the company started to offer products permitting to integrate Canal+ modems and later VHS recorders... Over the years, modular glass tables, swiveling floor stands and the first TV wall mounts began to round out the range.

Then came the advent of flat panels at the turn of this century, for which ERARD offered new ranges of pedestal stands and wall mounts. In 2005 ERARD became the first manufacturer to offer motorized solutions, and since 2010 a range entirely dedicated to LED screens. While waiting for OLED...

In 1999, ERARD joined the QUALIS Group, which the following year acquired ITC (now Erard Connect), a company specializing in connectors and image transfer boxes, and then EUREX dedicated to the commercial market which in 2010 became ERARD Pro.


Very attached to its territory of origin, ERARD continually invests in its plant in Chavanoz, in the northern part of the Isère some 40 minutes from Lyon, France.

ERARD Factory

Under one roof is grouped all the industrial know-how essential for manufacturing :

  • Metal Cutting.
  • Welding robots.
  • Powder paint production lines.
  • Zincing workshop.
  • Assembly and packaging workshops.
  • Warehousing for finished products.

ERARD Factory

The integration of production facilities enables the continuous improvement processes in which ERARD is engaged. It is also a guarantee of the quality of its products.

Country of manufacturer: France and China

ERARD products are distributed in Western Europe and in North America since 2017 thru our local distributor, BBInc.


Who hasn't dreamt of making it painless to wall mount a flat panel television? We provide you with a solution to do it; and without drilling holes in the wall!

  • Easy enough for anybody to quickly wall mount a TV.
  • Ability to be moved and removed as many times as needed.
  • Can be combined with your existing AV furniture.

STANDiT™ offers a unique solution when traditional wall mounting reaches its limits:

  • Drilling holes on the wall is prohibited, for example in rental apartments, museums, exhibitions, etc.
  • Individuals doing the mounting are not willing, skilled or equipped to drill but need to change the place of the installation - Lack of tools no problem!
  • Wall material does not permit traditional wall mounting i.e., meeting rooms with glass walls, breakable room partitions, etc.

Compatible with flat panel screens from 30'' to 90’’, STANDiT™ requires no drilling. Estimated mounting time is 5 minutes.

STANDiT™ offers new opportunities to a large variety of end users such as PR agencies, event organizers, museums, corporations, and consumers.

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